Cyberviolence and hate speech online against women occurs on a variety of platforms and infringes upon women’s fundamental rights. It … Read more

Fempower Magazine 1/2019 No. 30

Fempower Magazine 1/2019 No. 30: Tackling violence against women in Europe − achievements of the last 25 years and future … Read more

WAVE Statistic 2019

The 2019 WAVE country report gives an overview of the situation of women’s specialist support services in Europe and provides … Read more

WAVE Country Report 2019

The WAVE Country Report 2019 has been published! The purpose of the Report is to provide information and statistical data … Read more

Inspiring Thursday: Angela Davis

“The roots of sexism and homophobia are found in the same economic and political institutions that serve as the foundation of racism in this country and, more often than not, the same extremist circles that inflict violence on people of color are responsible for the eruptions of violence inspired by sexist and homophobic biases. Our political activism must clearly manifest our understanding of these connections.”
― Angela Y. Davis, Women, Culture & Politics

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MARVOW Press Release

MARVOW – Multi-Agency Responses to Violence against Older Women is a new project funded by the 2018 Rights, Equality and … Read more

Inspiring Thursday: Angèle

«Je ne peux pas être la porte-parole de toutes les femmes, je peux juste être une des figures du féminisme, et d’ailleurs malgré moi» (“I cannot be the spokesperson for all women, I can just be one of the figures of feminism, and besides in spite of myself”)

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