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Joint Statement on the Conditions of Adminstrative Dentention of Migrants

On the 22nd of June 2017, the International Detention Coalition, of which WAVE is part of with 53 other organizations, has released a joint statement to the European Committee on Legal Co-Operation of the Council of Europe (CDCJ), calling for the adoption of a fundamentally different approach for the conditions of administrative detention of migrants. The reliance upon immigration detention is a particular worrying phenomenon, detention for the purpose of immigration control becoming a trend among European States, despite not being essential to the proper functioning of well-managed migration systems.

United Nations experts and human rights treaty bodies have consistently held that migration is not a crime per se and should never be criminalized or subject to other punitive measures. There is a vital need to distinguish immigration detention from criminal and other administrative detention regimes, and the codification of European Rules on the Conditions for the Adminstrative Detention of Migrants can play an important role in reinforcing fundamental norms.

The Coalition encourages the CDCH to take a new approach when it comes to this matter, by taking action to address the following five priority areas:

1) Envision a fundamentally different regime

2)Reinforce a broader set of fundamental human rights

3)Clarify that administrative immigration detention is enver acceptable for migrants in situations of particular vulnerability

4)Call for the priority application of alternative measures to detention

5)Strengthen safeguards regarding access to and monitoring of places of immigration detention

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