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Starting with February 2017, the Council of Europe (CoE), has worked on developing a 'Violence against Women and Domestic Violence' online course, part of the HELP (Human rights Education for Legal Professionals) online platform, together with experts from Italy, Germany, United Kingdom as well as the WAVE office.



The HELP course on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence covers in an interactive way the key concepts,  the international and European legal framework and case law governing the prevention and protection of women and girls from violence, focusing in particular on the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention). Furthermore, the course provides legal professionals with practical tools for dealing with cases of violence against women and domestic violence with respect to a human rights and victim centred approach.

The HELP course on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence offers a detailed and comprehensive curriculum to improve the quality of the judicial response in violence against women cases and support the access to justice for victims of violence. Such a course is intended, in the long term, to become an integral part of the overall learning curricula of the national training institutions and/or other competent authorities of the CoE member States.

What is HELP?

HELP stands for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals. HELP is the main educational platform of the Council of Europe for legal professionals, with the aim to educate judges, lawyers and prosecutors about human rights in Europe. HELP is the only European Network of national training institutions for judges, prosecutors and lawyers in the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe (CoE).

The platform hosts free online courses and other training resources, available in English and increasingly in other national languages of CoE countries. There are two types of courses available, HELP Online Courses, on various human-rights related topics, open to any user who has an account, as well as tutored courses. Tutored courses are only available for selected groups of legal professionals participating in pilot courses moderated by HELP certified tutors, meaning that the course is adapted to the national legislation and translated into the respective language.

To access the course on 'Violence against Women and Domestic Violence', it is necessary to create an account under the following link: http://help.elearning.ext.coe.int/ and to enrol for free for the desired course.