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Developing a wider strategy for the WAVE Step Up! Campaign

From 11 – 13 December 2017, the annual WAVE Training Institute was conducted in Vienna, Austria to further develop effective activities and strategies to implement the Step Up! Campaign’s objectives to unite and strengthen the capacity of women’s support services and organisations in Europe.

The 27 campaigners from 22 different EU and non EU countries participated in various group works and plenary discussions on the past, present and future of the Step Up! Campaign which were led by the WAVE Office Step Up! Campaign Team. Furthermore, the three-day training encompassed two external speaking groups. Vincent Emanuele discussed the importance of coordinated organisation for improved engagement and participation. The SuperSocial Team provided an in-depth presentation on the appropriate use of social media platforms. Lastly, Patricia Joyce shared her prosperous proposal with the campaigners to run across Europe in solidarity of women survivors of violence, and to proactively support the Step Up! Campaign.  After the fruitful training, the campaigners and respective organisations are now working towards the practical implementation of the strategy within the framework of the next four years.