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WAVE has forwarded a response letter in reaction to a potentially damaging letter, which demanded changes to the wording of the Istanbul Convention, sent to the Council of Europe.

This month, a damaging letter was sent to the Secretary General to the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjorn Jagland, signed by 333 NGOs from 9 countries demanding changes to the text of the Istanbul Convention. The letter focused specifically on recommending the initiation of the revision of the Convention in order to replace gender and related concepts with “equality between women and men”, as well as to enable States to provide reservations on the controversial and ideological parts of the Convention. The WAVE Board and Advisory Board prepared a response letter which 1166 organisations from all over Europe endorsed.

We want to very much thank all of our members and their members who undersigned this letter for their commitment and dedication – in just over one week we managed to raise 1166 signatories for this response letter! This was an incredible joint effort that will certainly make an impact.

Check out the letter here.