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Launch of the Step Up! Campaign Call for Youth Ambassadors

On the second anniversary of the start of the Step Up! Campaign, the 19 countries taking part in the campaign are launching a call for youth ambassadors. Within the campaign framework, a small international group of young and committed visionaries is going to be established, in order to engage and educate young people about violence against women and girls while acting as peer ambassadors for the Step Up! Campaign. This activity - prevention work with members of younger generations – is one of the key priorities of the Step Up! Campaign in the new cycle of campaigning (2018 – 2021).

The Step Up! Campaign is a Europe-wide project of the WAVE Network, aiming at increasing efforts to stop violence against women, raising awareness of the issue, and protecting survivors of violence against women and girls.

The group of youth ambassadors will consist of up to 10 young people from the participating campaigning countries. To learn more about the call, click here.