Feminist network promoting human rights of women and children


We are happy to welcome the new WAVE Board, elected on October 30th, 2017 at the 19th Annual WAVE Conference:

  • Fisher Hilary
  • Gaas Mussa Aisha
  • Koycheva Albena
  • Laaksonen Sari
  • Logar Rosa
  • Naudi Marceline
  • Pirrone Marcela
  • Tsopp Pagan Pille


Rosa LogarRosa Logar (President)

Rosa Logar is Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Vienna, a victim/survivor service that was established with the Domestic Violence Act (1997). She is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences/Department of Social Work and member of the Austrian inter-ministerial working ground on the new Domestic Violence Act. Rosa co-founded WAVE in 1994, and participated in selected international activities: member of the UN Expert Group Meeting Good practices in legislation on Violence Against Women in Vienna (2008); member of the Council of Europe Task Force to Combat Violence against Women, including Domestic Violence (2006-2008); from 2008 until 2010 she represented the Austrian Federal Minister for Women in the CoE Ad Hoc Committee which was in charge of drafting the new CoE Convention on preventing and combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence. Since May 2015, Rosa is a member of the GREVIO committee, which will monitor the implementation of the Istanbul Convention - in September 2015, she was nominated as first vice-president of the GREVIO.


Hilary FisherHilary Fisher (Vice-President)

Hilary Fisher is Director of Policy, Voice and Membership at Women’s Aid Federation England, the national domestic violence charity. A women’s human rights activist, Hilary has worked in roles in the Third Sector for over twenty years including leading Amnesty International’s End Violence against Women campaign. In 2012, Hilary led a major WAVE study on support services for women escaping violence for the European Institute of Gender Equality and authored and co-authored the WAVE 2011 and 2012 Annual Country Reports. Hilary was a member of the drafting Committee of the new European Convention to Prevent and Combat Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and chair of the Council of Europe Expert Task Force on Violence against Women.


Marceline NaudiMarceline Naudi (Academic expert)

Dr. Marceline Naudi was awarded her doctorate in 2004 from University of Manchester (UK). A social worker by profession, her practice (in England, Ireland and Malta) has included work with various client groups including survivors of domestic violence. She has been lecturing full-time at the University of Malta since 1994 on social work and anti-oppressive issues such as gender issues, violence against women, LGBT and race issues etc. She has represented Malta in both EU and Council of Europe negotiations (including CAHVIO), and has been invited to speak as a European expert in various EU and Council of Europe Conferences. She has contributed to research and reports for several EU projects and Institutions, such as FRA and EIGE, on the issues of race, LGBT, gender and violence against women. Further she is active locally in the issues of race, gender, violence against women/domestic violence and lesbian and gay rights. Since May 2015, Marceline is a member of the GREVIO committee, which will monitor the implementation of the Istanbul Convention - in September 2015, she was nominated as second vice-president of the GREVIO.


**Complete biographies of the newest board members (elected on 30th October 2017) are coming soon**


Aisha Gaas Mussa is the Director of Somaya women and girls shelter. She has a bachelors’ degree in Sociology and several courses related to psychology, violence against women, equality and human rights. For close to two decades, she has been involved in activities for the protection and safety of women and children in Europe especially violence against women. Currently and for the past 10 years, she has been working as a Board Member for Unizon, a Swedish national organisation with 130 member organizations. In her role as Director and VD, she has had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with various agencies, key decision-makers and authorities in Sweden at a national as well as in regional level. Internationally she has been involved in Global Network of Women’s Shelters and has good relationships with women organizations in the Middle East. During her time with Somaya Women and Girls Shelter, she was able to rehabilitate hundreds of women and children affected by gender abuse.


Albena Koycheva is a practicing lawyer with special interests for women’s rights and feminist activism. For more than 20 years now she has been litigating cases of violence against women and gender stereotypes at national and international level. Since 2004 she has been a participant, then subsequently a lecturer, coordinator and currently a co-director of the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute for young feminist lawyers. In her own country, she has been working with the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF) since 1999 and is a member of its Board since 2014. She took part in the WG for drafting the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence in Bulgaria and lobbying for its adoption. Later she was in the team of experts for the monitoring of its implementation, drafting recommendations and amendments. She has been involved in numerous WGs for other legislative changes related to combating violence against women and abolishing harmful gender stereotypes and inequalities.


Sari Laaksonen is a development director in the Federation of Mother and child homes and Shelters, which has 30 member organizations throughout Finland. Previously Sari has worked as the director of the Shelter in Helsinki and in Central Union for Child Welfare. She has been an active member in the Nordic Women Against Violence network since 2009 and WAVE advisory board since 2014. She is also a board member in the Finnish section of The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) and Victim Support Finland. As part of her current job she is coordinating the Istanbul convention shadow report in co-operation with Women’s Line and organizing the Nordic Women Against Violence -conference 2018 in Helsinki. She is also involved in developing projects on outreach work, violence against the elderly, children of asylum seekers and prisoners and generational violence. Sari is an experienced network developer and NGO lobbyer, with a university degree on educational administration, development and research.


Marcela Pirrone is a feminist lawyer who has worked for over thirty years in Italy and at the international level to promote and protect the rights of women, specifically those women who have been victims of violence. She has worked as a family and criminal lawyer for thirty years, and in roles such as President of a women's shelter, university law professor, sex and discrimination commissioner, and co-founder of D.i.Re (the Italian umbrella association for autonomous women's shelters) and member of its board.


Pille Tsopp-Pagan is a founding board member of the Tartu Women’s Shelter, founded in 2002, the first domestic violence shelter in Estonia. For the past 7 years, she has served as its Executive Director, working to rebrand the organization as the Women’s Support and Information Center (WSIC). She has also worked to make WSIC a more internationally-oriented organization. In WSIC she has been a project manager on national and international levels. Last year, she helped to write the 2007-2014 shadow report on Estonia to UN CEDAW and presented it to the CEDAW Committee in Geneva. Within Estonia, she has advocated for changes to the penal code and worked with policy makers to bring the country in line with the Istanbul Convention. In addition to this, she has over twenty years of experience in financial management of both nonprofit and for-profit firms. She has managed the finances for dozens of international projects and for several large and small organizations.