Feminist network promoting human rights of women and children


Rosa LogarRosa Logar (President)

Rosa Logar is Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Vienna, a victim/survivor service that was established with the Domestic Violence Act (1997). She is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences/Department of Social Work and member of the Austrian inter-ministerial working ground on the new Domestic Violence Act. Rosa co-founded WAVE in 1994, and participated in selected international activities: member of the UN Expert Group Meeting Good practices in legislation on Violence Against Women in Vienna (2008); member of the Council of Europe Task Force to Combat Violence against Women, including Domestic Violence (2006-2008); from 2008 until 2010 she represented the Austrian Federal Minister for Women in the CoE Ad Hoc Committee which was in charge of drafting the new CoE Convention on preventing and combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence. Since May 2015, Rosa is a member of the GREVIO committee, which will monitor the implementation of the Istanbul Convention - in September 2015, she was nominated as first vice-president of the GREVIO.


Hilary FisherHilary Fisher (Vice-President)

Hilary Fisher is Director of Policy, Voice and Membership at Women’s Aid Federation England, the national domestic violence charity. A women’s human rights activist, Hilary has worked in roles in the Third Sector for over twenty years including leading Amnesty International’s End Violence against Women campaign. In 2012, Hilary led a major WAVE study on support services for women escaping violence for the European Institute of Gender Equality and authored and co-authored the WAVE 2011 and 2012 Annual Country Reports. Hilary was a member of the drafting Committee of the new European Convention to Prevent and Combat Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and chair of the Council of Europe Expert Task Force on Violence against Women.


Camelia ProcaCamelia Proca (Secretary)

Camelia Proca is founder and director of Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G. in Romania, WAVE Focal Point since 2005. A.L.E.G. is an organization working on preventing and combating gender-based violence, as well as on gender equality education and advocacy, including sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with her team from A.L.E.G., Camelia initiated the Gender Equality Festival in Romania, organized as a yearly public awareness campaign. Camelia has been active in the field of combating violence against women since 1999 and has been trained in women’s rights at the Raol Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights in Sweden. In 2013 Camelia received the Woman of the Year award in a Gala organized by the women’s magazines Avantaje and AVON. She has experience in project management, fundraising, networking and campaigning.


Urszula NowakowskaUrszula Nowakowska (Vice-Secretary)

Urszula Nowakowska is founder and President of the Women’s Rights Centre (Centrum Praw Kobiet), based in Warsaw. She is a lawyer with experience in issues of violence and discrimination against women. Urszula is involved in running workshops on gender based violence for various professionals and women’s rights advocates and coordinating many WRC projects including the Equal programme: Work and Dignity for Women Victims of Violence. She is the author of numerous publications on the issue of violence against women.


Marina Pislakova-ParkerMarina Pisklakova-Parker (Treasurer)

Marina Pisklakova-Parker is one of the leading women’s rights activists in Russia. In 1993, she started the first hotline for battered women. For nearly twenty years, Marina has been involved in developing and conducting training for Crisis Centres for women, law enforcement officials, social services and other governmental officials on the topics of domestic violence, trafficking in human beings, and women’s rights. She also worked with Russian legislators on changing the laws protecting women from violence.


Nataša Mededovic PistaloNataša Mededovic Pistalo (Vice-Treasurer)

Nataša Mededovic Pistalo is one of the founding members and the Executive Director of SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Niksic, founded 1998. Over the past 17 years she has become a prominent women’s right activists in Montenegro and she is recognized as leader in combating domestic violence. Over the years, Nataša has developed and coordinated a number of projects. Additionally she has worked as a consultant at the SOS Helpline for nine years; she was also a member of the working group on developing a National Strategy for Protection from DV. For three years she reported to the European Commission in Brussels on the progress of Montenegro with regards women’s human rights. Her organization is coordinating the recently established National SOS Helpline for domestic violence in Montenegro.


Marceline NaudiMarceline Naudi (Academic expert)

Dr. Marceline Naudi was awarded her doctorate in 2004 from University of Manchester (UK). A social worker by profession, her practice (in England, Ireland and Malta) has included work with various client groups including survivors of domestic violence. She has been lecturing full-time at the University of Malta since 1994 on social work and anti-oppressive issues such as gender issues, violence against women, LGBT and race issues etc. She has represented Malta in both EU and Council of Europe negotiations (including CAHVIO), and has been invited to speak as a European expert in various EU and Council of Europe Conferences. She has contributed to research and reports for several EU projects and Institutions, such as FRA and EIGE, on the issues of race, LGBT, gender and violence against women. Further she is active locally in the issues of race, gender, violence against women/domestic violence and lesbian and gay rights. Since May 2015, Marceline is a member of the GREVIO committee, which will monitor the implementation of the Istanbul Convention - in September 2015, she was nominated as second vice-president of the GREVIO.