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WAVE Statistics


WAVE Statistics 2017

The 2017 WAVE country report gives an overview of the situation of women’s specialist support services in Europe and provides statistics on women’s shelters, centres and national women’s helplines from a total of 46 European countries. For further details regarding the distribution of services in EU Member States and countries outside of the EU please read the statistical factsheet which presents key data from the report.

WAVE Statistics 2016

 The WAVE Fact sheet & Statistics 2016 gathers key information from the WAVE Report 2015, when it comes to women's shelters, national women's helplines and women's centres. Furthermore, the document also presents important facts and figures when it comes to violence against women, as highlighted in the 2014 survey conducted by the European Union Agency on Fundamental Rights (FRA). Standards and recommendations developed by WAVE are also mentioned. Lastly, the fact sheet also offers information about the Step Up! Campaign and the possibilities to be part of it.