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WAVE Thematic Factsheets


WAVE 2016 Fact Sheet on the Istanbul Convention

The Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention) represents a milestone in the fight against violence against women at the European level. This fact sheet briefly discusses this legally binding instrument, which is the first of its kind to cover all forms of violence against women.




WAVE 2016 Fact Sheet on the FRA Survey on Violence against Women

In 2014, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) presented the results of the first European-wide survey on violence against women, based on 42,000 face-to-face interviews with women aged between 18 and 74 in all 28 EU Member States. This fact sheet highlights some of the key statistics resulting from this prevalence survey.




WAVE 2016 Fact Sheet on the EU Victims' Directive

The EU Victims' Directive sets common standards in the European Union concerning the rights of victims in criminal proceedings and their support. The legislation contains a range of provisions aimed at guaranteeing the basic rights of victims in criminal proceedings as well as their protection and support. This fact sheet discusses some of these provisions in detail.



WAVE 2016 Fact Sheet on the Cost of Violence against Women

WAVE Fact Sheet COVEfforts to eliminate violence against women in the next decade will not be reached without adequate investment of resources, particularly funding. This fact sheet details the cost of violence against women to society, and how investing in prevention and protection actually pays off.



WAVE 2015 Fact Sheet on European Protection Orders

WAVE Fact Sheet EPOThe European Protection Order was established in 2010 as part of EU law regulating the mutual recognition of national protection orders in all EU Member States and guaranteeing victims of violence protection when moving from one country to another. This fact sheet details the different types of European Protection Orders.



WAVE 2015 Fact Sheet on Women's Support Services in Europe

WAVE Fact Sheet WSSThe 2014 WAVE Report (published 2015)  provides an up-to-date overview of the availability of core specialized support services for women and their children in 46 European countries. The focus of the report ison the provision of national women's helplines and women's shelters. This fact sheet highlights some key findings.