Navigating Inclusive Activism in the Realm of Migration and Women’s Rights

WAVE interns and feminist activists Yasmine Aburaya (Founder of Your Voice صُوتِك) and Alexandra Legentil delve into the crucial realm of inclusive activism. They share their unique approaches to tackling issues affecting women in the context of migration, forced migration, and women’s rights. From personal experiences that have shaped their activism to highlighting the need to address violence against women holistically, Yasmine and Alexandra bring diverse perspectives, ranging from academic to grass-roots efforts. Despite their different paths, both find common ground in advocating for migrant women to have a seat at the table in order to tailor effective responses to their needs. Together, they explore the challenges that migrant women face in accessing information, the need for a wider range of women’s specialist services, and the importance of countering cultural insensitivity and language barriers; all while highlighting the key role of truly inclusive activism in not only amplifying migrant women’s voices, but actively listening and responding to their diverse realities.

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“If you include migrant women in all conversations, in all settings, in all contexts, you give them more visibility, you give them more space, so that migrant women can speak for themselves.” – Yasmine Aburaya

“Providing a platform for migrant women, so they can talk about topics that are close to their hearts at all levels of society, be it on the political level, but also on the more activism level or on the private level, I think is something that we often forget, and that is completely wrong. We should take a more intersectional approach.” – Alexandra Legentil

Photo by Juliana Romão on Unsplash