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About WAVE

WAVE stands for Women Against Violence Europe.

Wave is a European network.

Wave has organisations from 46 countries.

These organisations are Wave’s members.

Wave has 160 members.

Wave’s members are services for women.

Wave’s members support women and girls to live free from violence.

Wave organises meetings and events for the members.

Wave’s members can learn and help each other.

Wave wants to stop all violence against women and children.

Wave promotes services that are only for women.

Wave is a feminist network.

Feminism is the fight for women and gender diverse people

to have the same rights as everyone else.

Wave works together with the member organisations

to make things better for all women.

Wave’s office is in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

What Wave does.

Wave does advocacy and campaigning.

Advocacy means helping a group of people

so people know about their rights.

Campaigning means getting change and

making your community or your country better.

Wave campaigns for better rules

when there is violence against women.

Wave campaigns for countries to follow these rules.

Wave campaigns for enough money to run services for women.

Wave has members in different European countries working together.

Wave organises trainings and projects for our members to connect.

Wave collects and shares data about services for women.

Data shows how many services there are and where they are.

Data shows if services have enough money.

Data shows who the services can help.

Wave shares newsletters and blogposts as well.

Blogposts are short online articles about what

Wave does to help women or about inspiring women.

Wave has a magazine called Fempower.

About violence against women

Violence can be physical or psychological.

Physical violence is when someone hurts your body.

Physical violence includes when someone hits, kicks or pushes you.

Psychological violence is when someone uses words to hurt you.

Psychological violence includes when someone is rude to you,

threatens you or shouts at you.

Rape is also a form of violence.

Rape is when someone forces you to have sex with them.

Violence against women happens often in Europe.

It is important to stop all violence against women.

The Council of Europe made a Convention to

to stop violence against women.

The Council of Europe is a group of 47 countries in Europe.

The countries signed the convention in 2011 in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city in Turkey.

A Convention is a decision between countries.

What if you experience violence?

If you have experienced violence, you can find help.

Violence includes physical and psychological violence.

Physical violence is when someone hurts your body.

Psychological violence is when someone uses words to hurt you.

You can find the contacts of support services

in different countries on our website.

Here is a list: https://www.wave-network.org/find-help/  

You can call these services by phone

or use an online chat or email.