Visions Of The Future #25yearsWAVE

The WAVE Network is standing on the shoulders of great feminist activists who strengthened women’s rights in Europe for the last 25 years. It is growing ever since and consists of 160 members, some of which we recently met on the #WAVEblog. Nonetheless, sharing our visions of the future and creating a strong intergenerational activism is the key to addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

On 25 May 2020, the WAVE Network and Step Up! Campaign announced the 2nd generation of WAVE Youth Ambassadors. The WAVE Youth Ambassadors programme was initiated in 2018 and aims to encourage youth inclusion in promoting non-violence. On 14 July 2020, the WAVE Youth Ambassador Mini Conference took place, an online meeting with the aim of having the 1st and 2nd generation of WAVE Youth Ambassadors meet, exchange as well as engage with each other. Additionally, it was an opportunity for the latter to be formally introduced to the WAVE Network and the Step Up! Campaign including its campaigners.

The online meeting entailed various interactive group sessions, promoted dialogue and resulted in fruitful discussions. The Mini Conference provided a platform of exchange to campaigners and notably ambassadors, and encouraged them to share issues prevalent in their respective countries regarding violence against women, and their visions.

The WAVE Youth Ambassadors have become an essential part of campaigning, as they support the Network in being the voice of the current and next generation. After 25 years, it is crucial to continue to address today’s challenges in combating violence against women as well as implementing tools of today by listening to, supporting and collaborating with younger generations. The WAVE Youth Ambassadors symbolize the importance of building bridges and coming together within the scope of combatting violence against women and intergenerational activism. #25yearsWAVE

The WAVE Network and the Step Up! Campaign are delighted to be continuing and fortifying the WAVE Youth Ambassadors programme for another cycle. We look forward to joining forces with this new generation of motivated young activists from across Europe! #StepUpForEverybody

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