Fempower Magazine 1/2015 No. 26

Fempower Magazine 1/2015 No. 26: Women Tackling Violence in Situations of Armed Conflict and in Times of Peace

Fempower Magazine 1/2016 No. 27

Fempower 1/2016 No. 27: Every woman has the right to live free from violence: Women’s acces to support services in Europe and existing gaps Download

Fempower Magazine 1/2007 No. 12

Fempower Magazine 1/2007 No. 12: The Council of Europe and the Fight to Stop Domestic Violence: because women’s rights are human rights Download

Fempower Magazine 1/2017 No. 28

Fempower Magazine 1/2017 No. 28: Violence against undocumented migrant and refugee women in Europe and their human rights. Download

Fempower Magazine 1/2008 No. 13

Fempower Magazine 1/2008 No. 13: CEDAW – The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discriminiation against Women Download