Current generation of WAVE Youth Ambassadors (2020-2022)

We are currently working with 9 active WAVE Youth Ambassadors from across Europe, consisting of 3 EU and 6 non-EU countries.

They are representing Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine and Wales.

Çeçilia Gazulli



Cecilia Gazulli is born and raised in Shkoder, Albania. She studied general chemistry at university and is closing her Marketing and Innovation MBA. Since her early years, she was very passionate about human rights and environmental activism. One of her biggest hobbies which she also uses as an output for her thoughts is painting. She regularly uses paintings to express her thoughts on women’s rights. 

Mia Bradić



Mia Bradić is a feminist, climate justice activist and circus artist from Croatia. As WAVE youth ambassador, she advocates for gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence, as well as participates in organizing events aimed at empowering young feminists. In 2020, Mia created the project “Leave a mark” that combines the topics of gender equality and art through interactive workshops for girls. She is a member of Fridays for Future in Split and the network Friends of the Earth Europe, which has led her to participate at COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. Mia is currently volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps at a circus school in the south of France.

Krisztina Les



Krisztina was born and raised in Hungary. She is a feminist who holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from ELTE University in Budapest. After her bachelor’s, she moved to Amsterdam for three years, where she completed her master’s degree in Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her main areas of interest are reproductive rights, access to abortion, violence against women, and the systematic oppression of women in a patriarchal society. Currently, she is working in Budapest for a local NGO supporting victims of domestic violence. 

Alina Cebotari



Alina Cebotari, feminist, WAVE YA for the Republic of Moldova since 2020 – born in Moldova, grew up in Italy where I graduated in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance at the University of Padua (Italy). In 2019 I moved back to Moldova where I am currently working in the field of women’s rights. Working as a national consultant in women’s rights programmes aimed at raising awareness about the phenomenon of gender-based violence and preventing it (training delivery, youth mentor, needs-assessment), recently elected as a member of the board of the National Coalition “Life without Family Violence”.

Zvezdana Radulović



Zvezdana Radulovic has been a passionate human rights activist since high school. She is currently in her third year of studying diplomacy. In addition, she has three years of experience working with women who are victims of domestic violence, as well as their children. She gained this truly invaluable experience while working in a shelter for women victims of violence in the capital of Montenegro. Then, through her volunteer work and activism, she repeatedly created campaigns related to raising awareness when it comes to gender-based violence, but also women’s rights. She has combined her passion for the fight for a better position of women with her love for diplomacy, and she is trying to gain and share experiences in the international field when it comes to women’s rights. 

Adriana S. Thiago



Adriana is a Portuguese-Brazilian feminist, graduate in International Relations. Her main areas of interest are the movement against sexual exploitation, the creation and continuing of a global feminist liberation movement and communication for change. Adriana is the Communications Officer of the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW), co-convenor of the Young Women’s Movement of ENoMW, the Radical Girlsss and WAVE Youth Ambassador.

Teodora Stojilković




Viktoriia Shvaher



Viktoriia has a BA in International Relations and Development from LCC International University. In her feminist work, she mostly focuses on the problem of domestic violence and on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Previously she occupied such positions as an assistant to the researcher in the field of domestic violence at the NGO ‘Social Innovation Fund” and a co-leader of the women empowerment club ‘Lean-In”. Viktoriia was a speaker at the official independently organized TEDx event with a speech “The new F word”. This winter she joined the Ukrainian feminist initiative “Women`s March” and became a member of the committee that was working on organizing an annual Women`s March in Kyiv dedicated to IWD. Viktoriia is currently in Germany volunteering as an interpreter at an organization that accommodates Ukrainian refugees.

Sabiha Azad



Sabiha Azad is currently work for Welsh Women’s Aid as a Project Coordinator supporting local activists in Wales to break the silence around violence and abuse and help create safer communities.

Her background is in grass root activism, focusing on youth inclusion and gender equality. She recently participated in peer-led research exploring racialised youth experiences with Police forces in Wales. She is passionate about embedding a more intersectional approach and supporting all communities and spotlighting marginalised voices.