WAVE Youth Ambassadors

WAVE sees the inclusion and engagement of youth as a crucial pillar of strengthening feminist movements across Europe. Since October 2018, the WAVE Youth Ambassadors initiative aims to provide a platform to youth activists in order to facilitate youth participation, youth campaigning and youth inclusion within the context of preventing and eliminating violence and discrimination against women and girls. Since the launch of our initiative, we have welcomed in total 34 WAVE Youth Ambassadors representing 25 EU and non-EU countries.

What do WAVE Youth Ambassadors do?

  • Our ambassadors promote collaboration amongst young activists and youth across Europe to tackle violence against women and girls.
  • Our ambassadors create independently as well as in teams engaging contributions and audio-visual material to challenge inequality and shed light on the importance of standing together and demanding change.
  • Our ambassadors adapt resources and information, such as data and statistics, from our network, our members, and projects to make them more accessible to young people and a youth audience.
  • Our ambassadors share different experiences, actions, and activities on how youth are making effective change in their communities to tackle violence against women and girls.
  • Our ambassadors are dedicated to turning their efforts into a movement and a support system for other young people across Europe to join.
  • Our ambassadors reach youth, both online and offline, to conduct local events, as well as facilitate and encourage exchange amongst young people in their respective countries.
  • Our ambassadors aim to approach institutions and organisations at national, European, and international level to raise awareness of the human rights violation that is violence against women and girls, and highlight the need of effective violence prevention.