Cyberviolence and hate speech online against women occurs on a variety of platforms and infringes upon women’s fundamental rights. It exists as part and parcel of a continuum of violence, often starting offline and reverberating online and vice versa, pushing back women from public spaces to the private sphere. In this webinar, Lina Piskernik, WAVE Digital & Social Media Coordinator, will go over the challenges which are faced when fighting cyberviolence against women. The newly launched project CYBERSAFE will also be introduced. This project aims to create tools with which teens develop a gender sensitive approach to preventing cyberviolence against women and girls while promoting healthy relationships and gender equality online.

Held by Lina Piskernik, Digital & Social Media Coordinator of WAVE, on March 28th 2019 at 15:00 Vienna-time.

Please click here to see the webinar slides.