List of helplines in 46 countries

The following is a table of the national women’s helplines available in the 46 European Countries. If there is no national helpline, a regional or general helpline is listed (these countries are marked with a *). Women’s national helplines are among the most vital services for women survivors of violence, they are one of the first places women can turn to receive immediate counselling and advice.

It is important to note that some of the following phone numbers cannot be called from abroad, as they are strictly national helplines and can only be used within the country. In such instances, we invite you to get in touch directly with the WAVE members in relevant countries.

You can find the PDF version here.

CountryNamePhone Number
AlbaniaNational Counselling Line for Women and Girls (Linja Kombetare e Keshillimit per gra e vajza)  +355 116117
Armenia*Ministry of Social Affairs’ Helpline+374 114/119
 Spitak Human rights+374 93252017
 Women’s Rights House+374 77570870
 Arevamanouk+374 77159470
 Women’s Community (Martuni)+374 94876502
 Gavar+374 94876505
 Sose+374 98848453
 Women’s Empowerment Resource Center NGO+374 77380053
 You Are Not Alone+374 98886077
 Young Tavush+374 099788770
 Young Avanguard+374 93574657
 Talin-Huys+374 91482035
 Women’s Rights Center+374 91416249
 Women’s Support Center+374 99887808
AustriaWomen’s Helpline Against Violence (Frauenhelpline gegen Gewalt)+43 800222555
Azerbaijan*A helpline run by the Ministry of Internal Affairs+994 12151  
 “Clean World” Social Union (“Təmiz Dünya” Qadınlara Yardım İctimai Birliyi)+99 4124085669 +994 125111151
Belgium*Domestic violence helpline (Écoute violences conjugales)+32 80003030
 My Marriage Belongs to Me (Mon Mariage M’appartient)+32 0800 90901
  SOS Rape (SOS Viol)+32 80098100
  Listening Ears (Luisterende Oren)+32 1712
 Centres for General Welfare Work and Child Abuse Trust Centres helpline (Centra voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk en Vertrouwenscentra kindermishandeling)+32 1712
 Tele-Reception (Tele-Onthaal/Télé-Accueil/Telefonhilfe)+32 106/107/108
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSOS helpline for survivors of domestic violence (SOS telefon za žrtve nasilja)+387 1265
 SOS line for domestic violence (SOS telefon za žrtve nasilja)+387 1264
 Unique telephone line for support and help to survivors of war rape and sexual violence and their family members (Jedinstvena telefonska linija za pomoć i podršku preživjelim ratno silovanje i seksualno nasilje i članovima njihovih porodica)+387 80022334
BulgariaAlliance for Protection against Gender-Based Violence (Алианс за защита от насилие, основано на пола)+359 80011977
 National Helpline for Survivors of Violence (Национална гореща телефонна линия за пострадали от насилие)+359 80018676
 Association Demetra (Асоциация Деметра)+359 56815 618
CroatiaNational Call Centre for Victims of Crime (Nacionalni pozivni centar za žrtve kaznenih djela i prekršaja)+385 116006  
 Women’s Help Now (Ženska pomoć sada)+385 800655222
Republic of CyprusHelpline 1440 (1440)+357 1140
Czech Republic*White Circle of Safety – Victims Helpline (Bílý kruh bezpečí – Linka Pomoci Obetem)+420 116006
 Support Centre for Child Sexual Abuse Women Survivors (Elektra – Centrum pomoci ženám sexuálně zneužitým v dětství)+420 603812361
DenmarkLive Without Violence’s National Hotline (Lev Uden Volds nationale hotline)+45 1888
EstoniaVictim’s Crisis Helpline(Ohvriabi Kriisitelefon)+372 116006
Finland  Zeroline against domestic violence and violence against women (Nollalinja)+358 80005005
FranceWomen Violence Info (Violence Femmes Info)+33 3919
GeorgiaAgency for the State Care and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking (სახელმწიფო ზრუნვისა. და ტრეფიკინგის მსხვერპლთა დაზარალებულთა დახმარების სააგენტო)+995 322395111
GermanyViolence Against Women Helpline (Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen)+49 80001160116
GreeceSOS Helpline (Γραμμή SOS)+30 15900
 Helpline against domestic violence (Γραμμή Ελπίδας)+30 8011116000
HungaryNANE Helpline (NANE Segélyvonal)+36 80505101
IcelandThe Women’s Shelters Helpline (Neyðarsími Kvennaathvarfsins)+35 45611205
IrelandWomen’s Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline  +353 1800341900
ItalyNational helpline against violence and stalking (Numero nazionale antiviolenza e stalking)+39 1522
KosovoHelpline Number (Numri i Linjës Ndihmëse)+383 80011112
LatviaCrisis and Counselling Centre “Skalbes” (Krīžu un Konsultāciju Centrs “Skalbes”)+371 116 006
+371 67222922
+371 27722292
NGO Association “MARTA Centre” (Biedrība “Centrs MARTA”)+371 67378539
LiechtensteinWomen’s Shelter Liechtenstein (Frauenhaus Liechtenstein)+423 3800203
LithuaniaHelpline for Women (Pagalbos moterims linija)+370 880066366
LuxembourgDomestic Violence Helpline (Helpline-Violence domestique)+352 621612774
Malta*APPOGG Agency within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services+356 179
 Victim Support Malta+356 2122 8333  
The Republic of MoldovaTrust Line for Women and Girls (Telefonul de Încredere pentru Femei și Fete)+373 80088008
MontenegroNational SOS Hotline for Domestic Violence (Nacionalna SOS linija za porodično nasilje)+382 80111111
Netherlands*Safe At Home (Veilig Thuis)+31 8002000
 Fier+31 882080000
 Stay Group (Blijf Groep)+31 882342450
 Moviera+31 883744744
 Centre for Sexual Violence+31 8000188
 Against Your Will+31 592347444
North Macedonia SOS Mobile National Line (Национална СОС мобилна линија за жртви на семејно насилство)+389 70/75/77 141700
 National SOS Line – Telephone for Trust (Национална СОС линија – Телефон на доверба)+389 15315
 National SOS Line 15 700 (Национална СОС линија 15 700)+389 15700
NorwayNational Domestic Violence Helpline (Vold- og overgrepslinjen)+47 116006
PolandEmergency Helpline for Women Victims of Violence (Telefon Interwencyjny)+48 600070717
Portugal  Information Service for Domestic Violence Victims (Serviço de Informação a Vítima de Violência Doméstica – SIVVD)+351 800202148
 Victim Support Portugal’s helpline (Apoio a Vitima – APAV)+351 116006
 Association of Women against Violence’s helpline (Associacao de Mulheres contra a Violência – AMCV)+351 213802160
 Women’s Alternative and Response Union’s helpline (Uniao de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta)+351 218873005
RomaniaNational Helpline for Victims of Domestic Violence (Număr unic naţional de urgenţă pentru victimele violenței domestice)+40 800500333
RussiaNational helpline for women suffering from domestic violence (Всероссийский телефон для женщин, пострадавших от домашнего насилия)+7 88007000600
SerbiaSOS Helpline for women with experience of violence (СОС Телефон за жене са искуством насиља)+381 800222003  
SlovakiaNárodná linka pre ženy zažívajúce násilie – National Helpline for Women Experiencing Violence+421 800212212
SloveniaSOS Helpline for Women and Children – Victims of Violence (Društvo SOS telefon za ženske in otroke – žrtve nasilja)+386 801155
SpainTelephone service for information, legal advice and immediate psychological attention by specialised personnel for all forms of violence against women (Servicio telefónico de información, de asesoramiento jurídico y de atención psicosocial inmediata por personal especializado a todas las formas de violencia contra las mujeres)+34 016
SwedenSweden’s National Women’s Helpline (Kvinnofridslinjen)+46 20505050
Switzerland*Rape and sexual assault helpline (Association Viol-Secours)+41 223452020
 General crisis helpline (Dargebotene Hand)+41 143
TurkeyEmergency Domestic Violence Hotline (Aile içi Şiddet Acil Yardım Hattı)+90 2126569696
UkraineNational hotline on prevention of domestic violence, trafficking and gender discrimination (Національна “гаряча” лінія з попередження домашнього насильства,торгівлі людьми та гендерної дискримінації)+380 800500335 or + 380 116123
 State Call Center on the prevention of human trafficking, domestic violence, gender-based violence, and violence against children (Урядова “гаряча лінія” для осіб, постраждалих від торгівлі людьми, домашнього насильства, насильства за ознакою статі, насильства стосовно дітей, або про загрозу вчинення такого насильства)+380 1547
United KingdomENGLAND: Freephone 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline +44 8082000247
ENGLAND and WALES: Rape Crisis Helpline+44 8088029999
 NORTHERN IRELAND: 24hr Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline+44 8088021414
NORTHERN IRELAND: Rape Crisis Helpline +44 8000246991
 SCOTLAND: Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline+44 8000271234
SCOTLAND: Rape Crisis Helpline+44 8088010302
 WALES: Live Fear Free Helpline (Llinell Gymorth Byw Heb Ofn)+44 8088010800

[1] The National Hotline for Survivors of Domestic Violence was indefinitely suspended in July 2021 due to ongoing political unrest and attacks on human rights defenders. The civil society organisation Gender Perspectives that operated the hotline since 2012 was liquidated by authorities on the 28th of September 2021.

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