Preventing and Eradicating Femicide (2017)

The WAVE thematic paper on preventing and eradicating femicide is meant to provide policy-makers and practitioners with a comprehensive yet concise overview on the topic of femicide. The paper includes a detailed definition of the phenomenon, including a wide range of direct and indirect categories. It makes reference to important global actors tackling this phenomenon and developing a knowledge base, such as the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its causes and consequences (SRVAW). Available statistics on femicide are presented, underscoring the need to collect accurate data that is comparable, gender disaggregated and makes reference to the relationship between victims and perpetrators. Relevant legal instruments, on the regional and global level, addressing this form of violence against women are mentioned as well. Last but not least, WAVE’s contribution in tackling this particular form of violence against women, particularly in terms of developing training materials for practitioners and representatives of the criminal justice system and conducting trainings regularly, is also described. In sum, the strategy paper gives policy – makers a roadmap to what efforts ought to be undertaken in order to address and prevent this form of violence, and highlights the contribution made by civil society activists in developing best practices.