Second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador Krisztina Les

Krisztina Les is the second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador (2020-2022) representing Hungary.

  1. How did your role as a WAVE Youth Ambassador shape you as a feminist youth activist?

It has been a very valuable experience to get to know other feminists from different countries in Europe. This really helped me to shape what feminism actually means. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the meaning of feminism can vary from context to context or country to country. Being a WAVE Youth Ambassador helped me to be a better and more understanding activist and not only think through my own lenses. Additionally, it is a privilege to listen to other activists’ ideas and insights, getting to know people from all around and share our difficulties and small victories with each other – and being a WAVE Youth Ambassador gave me this experience.

  • What are the things you are most proud of?

I’m proud of having the opportunity to become a WAVE Youth Ambassador! But to be more concrete, I’m also really proud of the podcast episode we have recorded with other great WAVE Youth Ambassadors where we could talk about abortion and reproductive rights. I think it ended up being a very interesting conversation from which people really can learn.

  • Interesting book/video/podcast/film about feminism?

It is not strictly about feminism, but I am a firm believer that every person needs to watch Fleabag – both seasons. It is a great show about women, grief, mental health, self-love, complex relationships and so many other things. The show is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who is also the main character. She is incredibly funny, although the humour is a little dark and provides an interesting female perspective throughout the seasons.

  • What is your message to young people devoted to ending gender-based violence?

Appreciate the little things. Ending gender-based violence is an incredibly huge commitment that might take many-many generations to happen. However, if we look at it in smaller pieces, we can find so much happiness and bright spots in this work. Working with young girls and realising they are not afraid to use their voices and speak up. Meeting feminist activists from other regions or countries, and realising that we are not alone with our problems. Sharing hard things and having hard conversations with our communities. These are all smaller things that can provide so much joy and connection, and while these don’t end gender-based violence from one day to another, it shows you why this work is so important.