Second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador Mia Bradić

Mia Bradić is the second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador (2020-2022) representing Croatia.

  1. How did your role as a WAVE Youth Ambassador shape you as a feminist youth activist?

I have really grown as a feminist through this role and I got to learn from so many different perspectives. One of the most important aspects was working with other young feminists from around Europe and having the space to get to know our national contexts. It showed me how much we have in common, but also how many issues depend on national measures, which inspired me to think about how different existing solutions can be applied to Croatia. Being a WAVE Youth Ambassador has shown me just how much power lies in connecting with each other as feminists, both in a transnational and intergenerational way.

  • What are the things you are most proud of?

I’m proud of every single person that joins the movement, that manages to deconstruct a patriarchal belief they had, that realises the potential we have when we organise together (and I’m also proud of myself when I suceed in doing the same), because it’s those sucesses, no matter how small they might seem, that are the basis for every other win, be it creation of new legislation surrounding femicide, introducing sexual education in schools, or something else entirely.

  • Interesting book/video/podcast/film about feminism?

A feminist book I would recommend is Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s a really concise read that manages to capture many important aspects of feminism at once. I love it, because it’s great for new feminists, but also experienced ones who need a little reminder of why they chose to be feminists. For a movie recommendation, I suggest Reversing Roe, a 2018 documentary which shows the measures that were taken to limit access to abortion in the US. (I do recommend watching it cautiously since it also platforms forced birth extremists, but I believe it is relevant for us as feminists to also understand their logic of thinking and the way they organise.)

  • What is your message to young people devoted to ending gender-based violence?

Don’t stay silent just because you feel like you don’t know enough yet. We all had to start somewhere and you will learn so much by actively doing, not just reading and following. Your lived experiences are a very valid part of your knowledge and you will be so proud of yourself when you realise how far you have come through your engagement (also you will get to meet awesome people on the way).  If there is no feminist group existing where you live, start one! It might seem intimidating, but it can be just you and a couple of friends in the beginning. Be patient, but ambitious in your demands.