Second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador Zvezdana Radulović

Zvezdana Radulović is the second generation WAVE Youth Ambassador (2020-2022) representing Montenegro.

  1. How did your role as a WAVE Youth Ambassador shape you as a feminist youth activist?

The role as WAVE Youth Ambassador representing Montenegro shaped me as an activist for women’s rights in a way that gave me the opportunity to gain and exchange international experiences when it comes to feminism and gender-based violence. Also, I received many ideas from all sides that I plan to implement in my country in the future and thus contribute to a better position of victims of all forms of violence.

  1. What are the things you are most proud of?

When it comes to international networks, I am always most proud of my acquaintances. I am really glad that I met great girls from all over Europe who are fighting for a better future for all of us in the places where they live. I am thinking here also about the other WAVE Youth Ambassadors and youth activists, but also of those who preceded us and whose work I follow and really admire. Also, there is a great team of women working at WAVE, some of whom I had the opportunity to meet in person, and that was actually the reason why I applied for this role in the first place few years ago. I must say that I am also proud of myself because I created the path to be here.

  1. Interesting book/video/podcast/film about feminism?

What I will recommend is the Instagram page “Kriticki”, which is relatively new on the scene in the Balkans, and through various activities of writing articles, creating podcasts, a great girl who runs that page shows what feminism actually is and why it is important to us. She touches on many topics that were taboo here, such as gynecological violence and many other issues. So I would single that out as a positive example and the influence of one young person, a girl, on the entire Balkan region (and I believe also wider).

  1. What is your message to young people devoted to ending gender-based violence?

My message to young people would be to never give up, to deal with issues that are important to them, and not to let anyone stop them from doing so. There is always a way, there is always a place where we can develop our idea as a young person, and there will be someone who will support us. That is why I emphasise that my message to young people would be to not give up, especially when it comes to such an important topic as stopping gender-based violence. We will often encounter obstacles, but by breaking them down we create a better place for all those who are victims of gender-based violence. They need us.