Video Release: End online violence against girls – introducing the CYBERSAFE Toolkit

The video teaser for the CYBERSAFE toolkit has been released today.

The CYBERSAFE Toolkit is intended for teachers or other professionals working with young people, who want to address online violence against women and girls, including online sexual harassment and online safety, in the classroom or in another setting. The toolkit provides all necessary materials to facilitate four workshops on the topics of non-consensual sharing of sexual images, exploitation, coercion and threats, sexualised bullying, and unwanted sexualisation, including an online tool that encourages discussion and role play and a guide with practical information for facilitators.

After participating in the workshops, young people

  • can recognise (signs of) online violence against girls.
  • understand the emotional impact and other possible consequences of online violence against girls for anyone involved.
  • know how to prevent online violence against girls.
  • know how to act in an adequate, supportive and positive way if they themselves or someone else experiences online violence.

CYBERSAFE is a 30-month project funded by the European Union. Nine project partners from various European countries have developed and promote an innovative experiential educational prevention programme – the CYBERSAFE Toolkit – that includes playful online tools, to address the issue of online violence against women and girls among young people (13–16 years old), in a classroom setting. CYBERSAFE promotes healthy relationships and gender equality online. The CYBERSAFE Toolkit provides information and tools to prepare and facilitate four workshops on the issues of gender-based online violence, in order to raise awareness and to encourage and support young people in safe and responsible online behaviour.

Learn more about cyberviolence and access the CYBERSAFE Toolkit here: