WAVE Fempower Magazine 2022

The WAVE Fempower Magazine 2022 is finally here!

This year’s edition of the WAVE Fempower Magazine is dedicated to the importance of women’s specialist services and their overall contribution towards society by navigating those different contexts and building resilience and capacity in times of crisis and beyond. Women’s specialist services, such as shelters, centres, helplines, and prevention services are essential in times of crisis and in times of peace to ensure that violence against women and girls is effectively tackled and prevented. We have therefore asked our WAVE members to share about their experiences, efforts and engagement during these difficult times. A total of seven articles were submitted, each of these highlighting the work undertaken by women’s organisations and women’s specialist services to protect and support survivors not only in times of peace, but particularly during conflict.

Thank you to all contributing authors for their efforts, dedication and work that will hopefully continue to inspire past, present and future members of WAVE, women’s organisations and women’s specialist services across Europe and beyond, as well as women’s human rights defenders and feminist activists around the world to defend women’s rights and work towards a sustainable future where women and girls can live free from all forms of violence and discrimination.