WAVE Report 2015

The WAVE Report 2015 entitled “Report on the Role of Specialist Women’s Support Services in Europe” maps the services available to women survivors of violence in 46 countries, including information on women’s helplines, women’s shelters, women’s centres, women’s journeys to specialist support services as well as providing data on the existence and scope of national women’s networks in Europe. In addition, for the first time, best practice examples of preventative, and training work conducted by women’s NGOs is presented.

Information on Government policy, funding and the recognition of the work of women’s NGOs is given which discusses national action plans and strategies to deal with gender violence. For all services the report makes recommendations for stakeholders and policymakers to improve standards. Furthermore, the report highlights emergency barring orders as a tool to tackle gender-based violence and, for the first time, maps support for women whose partners are in perpetrator programmes. An executive summary of the report which gives the main findings, as well as the introduction and methodology of the report are also available free of charge.

The research also resulted in individual country profiles. A compilation of all the indivdual country profiles can be downloaded here.

Download the 2015 Report.