WAVE Solidarity Fund

The WAVE Solidarity Fund is committed to supporting WAVE members navigating humanitarian, political, social, economic, and environmental challenges that obstruct their efforts in preventing and addressing violence against women and girls.

Your donation provides essential resources to women’s specialist services[1], contributing to saving the lives of women and children.

We are living in times of increasing global pushback against women’s human rights and the rise of serious humanitarian crises. These crises negatively and disproportionally impact women, particularly those coming from marginalised or low-income communities, as well as the elderly, youth, and children, while also exacerbating the vulnerabilities of women and persons from other intersecting identities and communities such as women of colour, migrant women and LGBTQI+ persons. Despite these extremely demanding and challenging circumstances, our WAVE members make outstanding efforts to continue providing life-saving services to women and girls. To uphold and safeguard the crucial work of women’s specialist services, WAVE has established the WAVE Solidarity Fund.

Your donation enables WAVE members to

  • continue delivering specialist services and support women and girls experiencing gender-based violence including providing shelter and safe accomodation, monitoring the response on violence against women amid crises, as well as advocating for improved legislation reflecting the needs of women and girls impacted by crises, among other; and
  • support their staff to get support themselves (psychological, medical, logistical) as well as receive trainings to effectively respond to the needs of survivors affected by crises.

[1] Women’s Specialist Services (WSS) is a collective term used to define feminist services that support women and their children who are at risk of or experiencing violence against women and domestic violence. These services include but are not limited to women’s support centres, shelters, helplines, rape crisis or sexual violence referral centres, and prevention services.