#WAVEmembers: Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva


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The “Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva” was established in 1994 in the Canary Islands. They are a federation of 15 other organisations, from across Spain and have recently celebrated 25 years of fighting for women’s rights! The core values of this organisation are the commitment with feminism, constant cooperation, active participation and diversity.

The “Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva” was created by different feminist alliances, with a common line of work and expression, so that all voices could be heard louder and clearer. It’s mission is to make changes in society and its structures, to achieve equality in rights and opportunities for women and men, through activism and empowerment. Their vision is to be an organisation of reference in fighting for women’s rights and detecting future challenges, coming up with innovative strategies to deal with them.

This organisation is currently working on a wide range of programmes and projects, mentioned bellow:

· Support centre for women: this project is presently being held in the island of Tenerife and Fuerteventura. They offer social – occupational counselling, legal advice, and psychological assistance. Another important task carried out is awareness raising through seminars and workshops for professionals, public, youngsters and children starting from the ages of 4 and above.

· Occupational programme: there is a personalised itinerary designed for each woman, in order to access and gain personal and professional tools that can help her in her active search for job opportunities.

· Safe spaces for women and girls and large gatherings: in order to tackle sexual violence, safe spaces for women at events with large gatherings;

· GBV-free lives: this programme works with youngsters through various workshops and is also implemented by youngsters itself. The aim is to promote equal opportunities between women and men and raise awareness to prevent gender-based violence amongst the youth, creating social agents that can then spread that awareness between their equals.

· Women´s shelter for recuperation: to support women and their children in their process of recuperation. There are professionals that accompany them with psychological assistance, empowerment workshops, work orientation and a personalised itinerary for each of them.

“Being part of WAVE, a European network, is important for us, as it gives us a chance to participate at a greater scale fighting for women’s rights and being able to exchange good practices with other professionals, as we can offer all our practical experience, acquainted throughout our 25 years. Violence against women is a global issue and coming together as Europe makes us stronger.”

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