WGSV Report on Rape & Consent in Europe

The WAVE Network and the WAVE Working Group in Sexualised Violence (WGSV) is excited to share the Report on Rape and Consent in Europe with the members of the network.

The main purpose of the study that this report summarises is therefore to gather data on how rape and consent are defined within the legal frameworks in the countries represented in WAVE, how the legislation is applied in practice, for instance, when it comes to reporting and investigation, victims/survivors’ access to justice and compensation, health responses, etc. – all these to create a better understanding of the legal contexts, highlight the main challenges and provide a solid base for developing strategies on combating rape both on national and European levels.

Due to the limitations of the study and related challenges with data analysis, this report will not be published publicy. It will instead be used as an internal document within the WAVE Network as a base for further discussions among the membership, strategizing and in-depth work with the lessons learnt. You can find the report here.