Women’s NGO Sustainability and Autonomy 2015

The aim of the 2015 research titled ‘Supporting the Sustainability and Autonomy of Women’s Organizations Providing Services in Eastern Europe for Women and Children Survivors of Domestic Violence’ was to collect evidence to develop a framework that best enables the autonomy and sustainability of specialized women’s services, with focus on six Eastern European countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia. The research also provided a platform for understanding the developments in the women’s movement, and actions undertaken by women’s organizations to establish and strengthen the national framework in the area of preventing and combating violence against women. Women’s organizations in the chosen countries continue to face challenges to maintaining autonomy and sustainability; part of the findings indicate that improving and establishing national frameworks to institute cooperation with, and respect for, the work of women’s organizations is a complex task that is sometimes a result of arising opportunities or achievements based on lengthy and cumulative efforts and activities. Findings of the research have the potential to serve as guidance for developing or improving existing frameworks that support the work of women’s NGOs and their cooperation with the state.

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