Women’s rights around the globe

3rd generation WAVE Youth Ambassador Ines Consonni (Portugal/Italy) has a conversation with her friend Farah Abou Harb[1], a Political Science graduate working as a women, peace and security program analyst in the field of peace process support. Farah, who was born and raised in Lebanon, gives insight into the state of women’s rights, gender (in)equality and violence against women and girls in the MENA region, particularly in Lebanon. Despite different contexts, the two connect over the importance of fighting for women’s rights as a collective responsibility that all societies must consider crucial.

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“How I wish and how I work with every single fiber in my body for this wave to keep on going, but we need to be strong. We need to keep pushing forward, because we are this new wave against something that has been there in the system for so long. Something that knows what we are doing. Something that knows how to walk around us”, says Farah Abou Harb.


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[1] Farah Abou Harb has worked on projects in several countries across the MENA region and has developed expertise in gender-sensitive conflict analysis. She is committed to using her skills and expertise to promote sustainable gender equality and inclusive peace building practices around the world.

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash