WAVE Rave 2023

“I feel responsible to fight for what I belive in – in this case: period equality!” – Aliz Bineth

In 2023, 3rd generation WAVE Youth Ambassador Aliz Bineth (Hungary) initiated the project WAVE Rave[1] aiming to address period poverty through awareness and education. To achieve this, Aliz conducted a local event in Vienna, Austria, featuring activities focused on combating period stigma. Additionally, she collaborated with local organisations and artists to raise awareness about the issue of period poverty.

The open-air event welcomed more than 300 people and was aimed at tackling period inequality and lifting the taboo about menstruation through feminist DJ performances, period workshops and quizzes, as well as discussions with experts and activists. Aliz also started a petition for menstrual products to be made available free of charge at all educational institutions managed by the City of Vienna, which received 216 signatures during the event.

Participant placing a poster that says "Menstruation Let's Talk"

People tested their knowledge on period facts, chalked about harassment and period inequality, and created their own period mood board — all in all: we talked about periods! 🩸#periodpower

During the event, WAVE Project & Youth Ambassador Coordinator Branislava Arađan gave a speech about the connections between primary prevention and period inequality. Among the speakers was also Catcalls of Vienna who presented their work and their ways of claiming back public spaces after experiencing sexual harassment on the streets.

Besides being a dedicated WAVE Youth Ambassador, Aliz is also a student of the Central European University which she was asked to represent at the week-long Get Engaged Conference in Budapest, Hungary. There, she presented the successful WAVE Rave project. This was a transformative experience, bringing together 65 passionate students from around the world through diversity and engagement.

Aliz Bineth standing next to a "WAVE Rave" poster

[1] As a Central European University student, WAVE Youth Ambassador Aliz Bineth received civic engagement project funding from the Open Society University Network and on 11 June 2023 organised the WAVE Rave in Vienna, Austria.

Photos by @bieneth.images