Baseline Report on service provision for sexualised violence within the WAVE Membership

The WAVE Working Group on Sexualised Violence (WGSV) recently published an internal report containing baseline information on service provision for women survivors of sexualized violence. Information contained in this report was provided by a small sample of WAVE member organizations who responded to the survey in the last quarter of 2017.  The main purpose of the study is to gather data on how the WAVE member organisations define and work with the issue of sexualised violence, what kind of attitudes and priorities they have in their work and what challenges they face. In other words, this study opens up the possibility for conversation in the WAVE Network and showcases the many different ways sexualised violence is understood and addressed within WAVE. This report therefore captures and provides an overview of the different types of service provision which exist around Europe for survivors of sexualised violence, and is not to be understood as a representation of the entire WAVE Network.