Support Women’s Human Rights Defenders in Ukraine: Winter is Coming, and the War is Not Over

Help us support women and women’s human rights defenders in the Ukraine to survive the war during the harsh winter!

As winter approaches, the challenges faced by our Ukrainian members persist. The war may have faded from headlines, but its impact remains deeply felt, especially by the women and children who continue to navigate its harsh realities.

Your donation will help to save the lives of women and children.

Your donation will be used to: 

  • Support internally displaced women, many coming from marginalized or low-income communities, have children with disabilities, and take care of older parents who have health problems, who are in need of shelter, food, sanitary products, clothes, communication devices, emergency equipment; transportation and accommodation; 
  • Support the staff of women’s rights organisations in the Ukraine and neighbouring countries to continue providing their services to victims of violence and get support themselves (psychological, medical, logistical); 
  • Support women and children to find the safest possible route to flee the country.

Your generosity will directly impact the lives of women and children affected by the ongoing conflict.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Winter is on the horizon, but with your support, we can bring warmth, hope, and resilience to women and women’s human rights defenders in the Ukraine.

Thank you for standing with us in solidarity.

All proceedings collected through this fundraising drive will go directly to the Ukrainian members of the WAVE Network – La Strada-Ukraine (Ла Страда-Україна), Women’s Information Consultative Center (Інформаційно-консультативного жіночого центру), Women’s Perspectives Center (Центр Жіночі Перспективи) – to support their work and safety.