NEW LAUNCH: WAVE Youth Campaigning Toolkit

On the International Human Rights Day 2022, WAVE published the WAVE campaigning and advocacy toolkit for young activists. Campaigning to end gender-based violence (GBV) and advocating for wome´s rights is a long-term effort that requires structure and innovation. Different campaigning and advocacy tactics have been used for decades to promote women’s rights: protests, sit-ins, educational events, town halls, petitions, op-eds, panels, fact sheets, social media campaigns and other various methods. As new challenges to human rights and specifically to women´s and LGBTQI+ rights emerge in the national and international socio-political arena, new tactics are needed to make human rights activism more effective.

This toolkit addresses both the inner and outer layers to cultivating stronger activism for effective advocacy & campaigning. It includes innovative tactics for campaigning and advocacy rooted in creativity (outer aspect) as well as the role community organising plays in achieving sustainable activism (inner aspect).