Positive messaging campaign on the Istanbul Convention launches

May 27th, 2019 – Today, the CSSP positive messaging campaign on the Istanbul Convention launches in the Western Balkans and Turkey. From May 27 – 31st, nine important articles from the Istanbul Convention will be presented and discussed on WAVE and CSSP partner’s social media accounts.

The campaign was organized by Serbian CSSP partner Fenomena and WAVE. Its aim is to educate constituents from the Western Balkans and Turkey about the positive effects which the Istanbul Convention could have on their lives once it is implemented in their country. All CSSP partners are taking part, meaning that the campaign will reach Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia & Turkey. WAVE is also participating in dissemination, which will lead to the messages being spread across Europe as well.

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The goal of the CSSP is to strengthen women’s voices and agency, including that of women’s organizations working with and representing women from disadvantaged marginalized groups, at a regional level. The expected result is to therefore strengthen capacities of women’s organizations’ platforms and or networks as a vehicle to support women’s civic engagement in CEDAW and Istanbul Convention monitoring and reporting.

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