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Fempower Magazine 1/2017 No. 28

Violence against undocumented migrant and refugee women in Europe and their human rights



Fempower Magazine 1/2016 No. 27

Every woman has the right to live free from violence: Women's acces to support services in Europe and existing gaps

Fempower Magazine 1/2015 No. 26

Women Tackling Violence in Situations of Armed Conflict and in Times of Peace




Fempower Magazine 1/2014 No. 25

Integrated and Survivor-Oriented Approaches in the Work with Perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence - Good practices, Gaps and Challenges




Fempower Magazine 2/2013 No. 24

Responses to Anti-Feminist Trends




Fempower Magazine 1/2013 No. 23

Anti-Violence Legislation in Europe




Fempower Magazine 2/2012 No. 22

Intimate Partner Violence against Older Women




Fempower Magazine 1/2012 No. 21

Health Sector Responses to Violence against Women




Fempower Magazine 2/2011 No. 20

Sexual Violence




Fempower Magazine 1/2011 No. 19

Is the Right to a Life Free of Violence a Luxury?




Fempower Magazine 2/2010 No. 18

Protection and Empowerment




Fempower Magazine 1/2010 No. 17

Poverty and Violence against Women




Fempower Magazine 2/2009 No. 16





Fempower Magazine 1/2009 No. 15

International Legal Instruments to Protect Children from Violence - Are They Effective?




Fempower Magazine 2/2008 No. 14

The First World Conference on Women's Shelters




Fempower Magazine 1/2008 No. 13

CEDAW - The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women




Fempower Magazine 1/2007 No. 12

The Council of Europe and the Fight to Stop Domestic Violence: Because Women’s Rights are Human Rights




Fempower Magazine 2/2005 No. 11

Forced Marriages and "Honour Crimes"




Fempower Magazine 1/2005 No. 10

Beijing +10: No Milestone for Women's Rights




Fempower Magazine 2/2004 No. 9

Poverty in the Women’s Refuge - An Initiative to Fight Against Poverty in Women’s Refuges




Fempower Magazine 1/2004 No. 8

Children and Domestic Violence




Fempower Magazine 2/2003 No. 7

Violence against Women with Disabilities: An Overview




Fempower Magazine 3/2002 No. 6

Domestic Violence and Women from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: Some Issues and Implications for Domestic Violence Services




Fempower Magazine 2/2002 No. 5

Migrant Women: Violence a Constant Companion




Fempower Magazine 1/2002 No. 4

Violence in a Foreign Environment - Women, Migration and Structural Violence




Fempower Magazine 3/2001 No. 3

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)




Fempower Magazine 2/2001 No. 2

EU Enlargement - Women‘s Rights Not a Requirement? Screening the EU Enlargement Process from a Gender Perspective




Fempower Magazine 1/2001 No. 1

Trafficking in Women