WAVE Conference: 11 reasons why you should join it!

For 25 years, the WAVE Conference has been a place where women from all walks of life can meet, network and fight for what they believe in.

In this short video, our amazing WAVE sisters talk about their reasons why they come back to the WAVE conference and their first impressions. Amongst the many reasons they shared, WAVE is a place where they feel inspired and energized. It´s a safe space where they can discuss and get a better understanding of the issues they face back home. It´s also a place where you grow and build connections of sisterhood for life.

In order of appearance:

Jenny Westerstrand, Roks (Sweden)

Hana Korchemnaya, Crisis Centre for Women (Russia)

Sophie Hansal & Nicole Krejci, Domestic Violence Intervention Centre Vienna (Austria)

Dejana Stošić, WAVE Youth Ambassador (Serbia)

Karishma Wadhwani Chatlani, Federacion de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva (Spain)

Hilary Fisher, Women’s Aid (UK)

Susanne König, Federacion de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva (Spain)

Susan A. Peter, DAO Dachorganisation der Frauenhäuser Schweiz und Liechtenstein (Switzerland)

Lilija Vasiliauskiene, Vilniaus Moteru namai Intervention Center (Lithuania)

Mine Atli, Association of Women to Support Living – KAYAD (Cyprus)

Check out the full video on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTmRA44GJhc