WAVE Fempower Magazine 2021

The WAVE Fempower Magazine 2021 is finally here! This year’s magazine highlights the importance of “preventing and tackling sexualised violence against women and children”.

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, one in three women worldwide experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner [WHO]. UN Women notes that sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women continue to occur on streets, in public spaces and online. The restrictions of the pandemic resulted in survivors having limited information and awareness about available services, and limited access to support services, which poses a great threat to mitigating violence against women and girls and seeking effective support and shelter.

Unfortunately, sexualised violence remains one of the most hidden forms of violence that women and girls experience, therefore WAVE aimed to shed more light on this issue in this year’s Fempower Magazine edition.

Thank you to all contributing authors for their efforts, dedication and work that will hopefully continue to inspire past, present and future members of WAVE, women’s organisations and women’s specialist support services across Europe and beyond, as well as women’s rights feminist activists around the globe to defend women’s rights and work towards a sustainable future where women and girls can live free from all forms of violence and discrimination.

For the WAVE Fempower Magazine 2021, please click here.