WAVE Letter of Support for WAVE members

The WAVE office and Executive Manager have received a large amount of requests for support letters regarding project applications lately. We are happy to support our members wherever possible, however please bear in mind, that we are unable to respond to multiple last minute requests. If you would like WAVE to support your project application with a letter of support (LoS), please follow these guidelines:

  • Please write the LoS yourself and in English, as only your organisation will know what criteria it will work with/under in a particular project.
  • Please send your request for a LoS at least 1-2 months before you are planning to submit the proposal.
  • Give a brief summary what the project is about (max. 300 Words) and attach the proposal, so it is clear to WAVE what it is that you want us to support. We cannot provide a LoS if you only write a few sentences what the project is without attaching the proposal.
  • WAVE cannot participate as an unfunded project partner in any project, as we do not have the staff and funding capacity for this.
  • WAVE can help with the dissemination of project results and outputs via our website, social media, contacts with other organisations/networks and newsletters. This means literally distributing your results via these channels and not participating in a dissemination work-package which entails co-organising events, drafting publications or similar actual project work.
  • If you would like WAVE to be a funded partner in a project, please let us know at least 3-6 months before. The more advance knowledge we have, the better, as we are then able to plan any potential collaboration in advance, under the conditions that it fits with the strategic priorities of the working year, the operational workplan and staff capacity.
  • We are normally unable to give recommendation letters to non-WAVE members, unless they have been endorsed by a current WAVE member. For such requests we need at least 2-3 months time.
  • Please follow this format when requesting a LoS:
  1. Which funding you are applying for e.g. under the EC CERV call, action grants or any other projects
  2. Brief overview of the project aim and main outcomes
  3. Which form of violence against women (& their children, if any) you are aiming to address or prevent
  4. Project starting date and duration
  5. Which project partners you will be collaborating with (if any)
  6. Which kind of support you would like from WAVE e.g. dissemination of project results.
  7. Please specify by which date you need the LoS (ensuring you give us enough advance notice, as specified above)

If you would like to include a brief overview of what WAVE does in the LoS please include this paragraph:

WAVE is a network of 160 members in 46 European countries, which are all working towards tackling and preventing violence against women and their children. Our members are mainly women’s specialist services such as shelters, centres and helplines, some are also national networks of such organisations. WAVE’s main areas of work are 1) Advocacy & Campaigning for a) better legislation, and implementation of existing legislation to tackle violence against women and b) sufficient funding for women’s specialist services, 2) Capacity building and networking for our members through trainings, conferences and project collaborations, 3) Data Collection and a Country Report on the status of WSS in our member countries, which is published every 2 years.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us here: office@wave-network.org