Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women (2000)

The present brochure “Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women” deals with preventive measures which have been taken in Europe to combat male violence against women in intimate relationships. It surveys the status of prevention efforts in the EU Member States and in the candidate countries and reviews good practice models. The brochure “Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women” has been drawn up as part of a project carried out by the WAVE Office in Vienna and the EU Commission’s DAPHNE Initiative. In the course of this project a Training Programme for Professionals has been compiled and, on the basis of this, a Train-the-Trainer Seminar for experts from women’s organisations in ten countries was organised. At the end of this brochure you will find a summary of the WAVE Training Programme. It is cited as a practice-oriented training model for law enforcement, judicial, psychosocial and medical professionals. The purpose of this brochure is to provide information but also to offer practical advice on how to implement proved preventive strategies effectively. The target groups are non-governmental women’s organisations and state bodies, although it was also written with those in mind who are interested in the topic and wish to put the prevention of violence against women on their agenda. The project co-ordinators would like to thank those who provided the good practice models for their information and support. This project was made possible by financial support from the EU Commission under the auspices of the DAPHNE Initiative. The DAPHNE project was co-financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Security and Generations.

Download the 2000 Report HERE.