Training to Identify and Support Older Victims of Abuse (TISOVA)

Elderly people are exposed to neglect, physical, sexual, psychological, and financial abuse. All these forms of abuse can be perpetrated by spouse/partner, adult children, grandchildren, other relatives or care takers. Therefore, it is of great importance to directly and effectively cooperate with senior centres as well as seniors in identifying and supporting older victims of abuse.

Within an interactive training program, the main objective of the project is to educate key groups on violence perpetrated against elderly, as well as on the experiences and specific needs of elderly victims of abuse.

Furthermore, the implementation of appropriate policies responding to elder abuse is a focal point.

The project’s objectives are to…

  • Design an interactive training programme to educate key groups about violence against older people, especially women
  • Strengthen the capacity of those who work witht he elderly to respond to the specific needs of older women victims
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the experiences and needs of elderly (female) victims and empower them to seek assistance or take other action
  • Contribute to stakeholders’ implementation of elder abuse policy into practice

Project period: September 2017 – December 2020.

Project partnership: 

Project Outputs

1. Analytical report on abuse of older women, including policy recommendations – ENG

2. Training handbook on providing support for elderly female victims of abuse – ENG , EST, GER, GR, FIN

3. TISOVA evaluation package for trainings – ENG

4. Guidelines on how to use training handbook and online course – ENG, EST, FI, GER, GR

5. TISOVA evaluation reportENG

6. Brochure with succinct information about the project – ENG, EST, FI, GER, GR

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The Online course “How to Identify and Support Older Victims of Abuse” addresses the issue of violence against older women victims. It provides additional training to healthcare professionals and volunteers at elderly homes, hospitals and other organizations. It also has a special study track for elderly people on how to protect themselves from abuse. The course is available for free in 5 languages by the links below:

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Here you can rewatch the TISOVA online expert roundtable on violence against elderly women (in German)