Information for women fleeing the war in Ukraine to various European countries

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As winter approaches, the challenges faced by our Ukrainian members persist. The war may have faded from headlines, but its impact remains deeply felt, especially by the women and children who continue to navigate its harsh realities.

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Here you can find an overview of country-specific information that relates to supporting women fleeing the war in Ukraine. This page will be continuously updated. The resources on this site are collected via the expertise of our membership and the copyright is reserved to the respective authors. If you would like to suggest a contribution, please email us at

information not related to a specific country

1 – “Be safe on the way” leaflets by LEFÖ (Austria):
In Ukrainian:
In English:

2 – Table of the national women’s helplines available in the 46 European Countries in English:

3 – Regional assessment of the Ukraine crisis and its impact on women and girls “Waiting for the Sky to Close: The Unprecedented Crisis Facing Women and Girls Fleeing Ukraine” by VOICE (available in seven languages):


1 – Information brochure for women coming to Austria in Ukrainian, Russian and English (from Interventionsstelle)

2 – Abortion in Austria; website available in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Turkish, German, and soon in several other languages:


1 – The ASBL La Voix des Femmes, with its experience with migrant women, is proposing to develop activities and spaces for meetings and dialogue that are safe and caring for Ukrainian women living in Brussels. These women will be able to draw on new resources, take a breather and establish a relationship of trust with the facilitators. La Voix des Femmes also offers a series of activities that will be useful to Ukrainian women and their children: the support of a socio-legal service, French courses for adults, continuing education activities, discussion groups, informative or cultural activities and outings, French reinforcement courses, school support as well as socio-educational activities for adolescents. All information is available here:

2 – The project “Elles pour Elles. Women for women. Break the silence” of the non-profit organisation Elles sans frontières offers women from Ukraine who are victims of violence a listening ear and initial emotional support, helps them learn to name the violence, to talk about it freely, and then directs them to specialised assistance services. Click here to read the association’s flyer, in Ukrainian, containing all the information intended for women who are potentially victims of sexual violence.


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Czech Republic in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

2 – Information about sexual violence in Ukrainian:
3 – Graphic leaflets with information about sexual violence in Ukrainian:


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Estonia in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Finland in Ukrainian


1 – National Helpline Violence against Women (available in 17 languages 24 hours every day, also in Russian; chat counselling possible as well): 08000 116 016, Homepage helpline in Russian

2 – Helpline for pregnant women in need: 0800 4040 020, anonymous, free and in multiple languages, e.g. Russian; Homepage in Russian

3 – Information for mothers with children: Flyer of the national foundation for mother and child in Ukranian


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Hungary in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

2 – Useful information and resources for girls, women and mothers fleeing Ukraine, and for those supporting them // Полезная информация и ресурсы для девушек, женщин и мате – Information complied by PATENT (People Opposing Patriarchy) Association:


1 – Information leaflets from Rape Crisis Network Ireland for Ukrainian refugees in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

2 – video in Ukrainian for victims of domestic violence now residing in Ireland: (Women’s Aid)


1 – Information on women’s specialist services of WAVE member D.i.Re in Ukrainian here


1 – Information for Ukrainians coming to Latvia in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Latvian:


1 – Information for Ukrainians coming to Lithuania in Ukrainian and Lithuanian:

2 Dedicated website “Together with Ukraine” in Ukrainian, Lithuanian and English:

3 Social support for Ukrainians from the Ministry of Social Security and Labour in Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian and English:


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Moldova in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

2 – Official website for refugees launched by Moldovan Government with resources and links to psychological support services:

3 – For support services for women specifically, contact the WAVE member “National Coalition Life Without Violence”:

email: Facebook


1 – Flyers with do’s and don’ts for people on the move: addressing the risks of human trafficking and exploitation and with useful phone numbers when in danger (in Ukranian, English and Dutch):

2 – Ukrainian flyer:


1 – Information brochure for LGBTQIA people fleeing the war in Ukrainian and Polish

2 – Information brochure “no sexual violence” in Ukrainian

3 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Poland in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

4 – Information in Ukrainian from Women’s Rights Center:

5 – Helpline for women in Ukrainian from Women’s Rights Center:


1 – The Portugal for Ukraine platform informs about the rights of Ukrainian refugees in English, Portuguese and Ukrainian

2 – Resources for woman survivors of violence from the National Network for Woman and Children victims of Violence in Portuguese


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Romania in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

2 – Bilingual Ukrainian-English Pocket Guide with essential information on Gender-Based Violence, domestic violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: | DOVIRA – Meeting the essential SRH needs of communities affected by the Russian aggression in Ukraine in Romania, more here.

3 – Women Center:| Centrul FILIA and Code for Romania, with the support of the ANAIS Association and the Independent Association of Midwives, developed this website to provide refugees from Ukraine with health and safety information. 


1 – Information leaflet for people fleeing the war to Slovakia in Ukrainian

(© Women’s Perspectives Lviv)

2 – NGO Možnosť voľby prepared information for women seeking safe abortion in Slovakia (legislation, contacts, prices, helplines) in Ukrainian:; Russian:; English:


1 – Information brochure for refugees from Ukraine in Spain in Ukrainian

2 – Information on the rights of refugee women in Ukrainian:

3 – Information in Ukrainian on all forms of violence against women: